The takeoff point

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Up to USD 100,000 investment to consolidate your business.

Up to USD 100,000 investment

to consolidate your business.

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Eagerventures has the objective of helping innovative entrepreneurs.
Make your idea come true, expand your business or consolidate your in-house team. At any stage of your project, we can help you achieve your goals.


Eagerventures brings


+ Investment

+ Investment
+ Technical team

+ Investment
+ Technical team

Together we define the path to achieve a scalable startup. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions and tackle every phase's challenges.

It is important to develop an MVP or prototype to validate your idea, and once your product is launched, receive feedback from your users at every stage.

Our skilled development team is specialized in different technologies to help you create a top-notch software product.

Our goal is to help you adapt your product to the market and achieve business rentability, responding to the needs of your users and identifying potential customers.

Building a solid technical team is crucial for a startup's success. We help you consolidate your in-house team, and our software developers will support you to increase development speed.

Once your startup achieves the needed growth, we help you scale your product and keep expanding your business.

PlanIT: first startup boosted

by Eagerventures

PlanIT was the first startup that was part of Eagerventures and now is already a successful business. We met their founders in 2019, when it was only an idea, and we accompained them at every step.

PlanIT is a B2B B2B platform that works with more than 200 companies in the organization and execution of their corporate actions.


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We built a team more than 8 years ago with the objective of helping entrepreneurs. In 2015, we founded Eagerworks, a software agency specialized in startups. We worked on more than 70 projects, MVPs, early-stage startups, and VC-backed startups. Eagerventures appears to keep reinforcing our vision of collaborating with the local and regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Juan Pablo Balarini

  • Co-founder of Eagerworks, JP specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate innovation into the projects he leads.
  • Passionate about working on open source projects.
  • Strong believer that choosing the right technology and team when kicking-off a project can be decisive for a startup's success.
  • Loves cars, motorcycles, and exploring new landscapes by covering long distances.

Santiago Bertinat

  • Passionate about entrepreneurship, Santi co-founded Eagerworks alongside JP with the goal of supporting startups.
  • A loyal follower of the Lean methodology to help startups effectively achieve their goals.
  • His passion for travel has led him to establish meaningful connections with people from different countries and cultures.

Federico Lambach

  • With a legal-financial background and extensive experience in businesses and company acquisition processes, Fede founded his own startup and directed his career towards leadership in the technology industry.
  • Has been a mentor for entrepreneurs and part of the jury at many startup events.
  • Passionate about soccer and sports, but above all, he enjoys spending time playing with his 1 and 3-year-old kids.

If you want to accomplish your entrepreneurial dream, If you want to accomplish your dream, write to us!